About Us

Jack Lacy, the president of Central Printer Resources and Lasr-Ink, has been in the office supply business for 50 years. He started his career by washing his father’s store windows in Huntington Park.





Jack said, “It was a lot of windows for a nine year old kid.”


Over these many years, Jack has operated several Office Supply Stores and since 1998, he and his daughter and business partner, Denise Gardner, opened Lasr-Ink here in Palm Springs. It specializes in remanufactured laser and inkjet cartridges at discounted prices.



As the technology has changed radically from the days of manual typewriters to the sophisticated office machines of today, the one thing that remains a constant for Jack and Denise, is CUSTOMER SERVICE. “Without excellent Customer Service, you don’t have a business,” states Jack. “That is something that was drilled into me by my father some 50 years ago, and that has never changed for me.”


A few years ago, Jack and Denise opened a new business that compliments the re-manufactured ink business, “Central Printer Resources.” It specializes in the repair and sale of Printer and Copy machines for the entire Coachella Valley. Again, Customer Service is the keynote of this business. The certified technical staff has excellent skills for working on every major printer and copy machine manufactured today. Each technician also has special skills that make them an expert in specific office machine technology. Jeff is a fully trained and certified Plotter technician; whereas George has special training in the large office copy machines as well as small printers, and even typewriters. Gary and Nicho provide the back office support that keeps everything running smoothly!

Jack recently said, “I have my hand back in the typewriter business. We are once again selling IBM Selectric typewriters and I have quite a collection of electric and manual typewriters as well. You’d be surprised how many folks want a typewriter again!” So, if you are in Palm Springs, stop by and say hi. Jack loves to show off his typewriter collection! If you need an office machine repaired, give us a call. And if you need some ink, ask for Denise. Remember, “At C.P.R., We bring office machines back to life!”